This series of artworks symbolizes how we are filled through life with new experiences.
As children we begin to learn about ourselves and have what we saw in our families(1), then we go to school, make friends with whom we share our thoughts, communicate on many topics and are filled with new experiences. Our world expands and new patterns form in us, which play an important role in shaping our personality.(2)

Then as we grow up, we form our own opinions about everything around us, we become more stable and fulfilled(3). We rethink old experiences from the perspective of our own opinions, not relying on other people's words.

The process of knowing ourselves is endless, but from observation, we can see that there are stable structures of our personality that become line-walls that cannot be broken because a complete house is built on them, but we can change and add to the interior in different parts and windows through which we look at the world around us.
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