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Abstract sketches for coloring
+ bonus GUIDE
Basic theory and practice for
abstract painting
Abstract sketches based on paintings
Abstract art always makes us feel a lot of different emotions and is used in everything around us, painting, design, advertising because abstract art is about our feelings and emotions.

But how do you create those emotions and feelings?
There are basic rules of color and composition that create harmony within a painting.
For the same reason, beginning artists often don't like their paintings, it feels like something is wrong.

Sometimes beginning artists think because of this that they are not talented and creative enough as other artists, but in fact they just lack theoretical and practical knowledge.

To create abstract art is to create emotions and feelings in the viewer.
Abstract coloring sketches that you can use to create paintings.


What you'll find in this guide
Basic theory and practice that will help you create harmonious paintings now.

- Abstract art is..
Learn that it has different ideas.

- Composition.
Understand how to draw a painting that attracts attention with examples of paintings.

- Color theory and color schemes.
Learn the rules of working with color to create harmony and emotion.

- What color associations there are.

- Sketches.
Practice working with color and composition.

Abstract sketches
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I have been working as an artist since 2015.
Hi. I'm an Abstract Artist. I create paintings, creative content.
My artwork has mostly geometric shapes, lines and abstract expressionism.

I specialize in color theory and help beginner artists create abstract paintings.
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