Anna Romann
1997 - First introduction to the Arts.
1999 - Started visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions, opera, philharmonic, theaters, reading poetry.
2003 - First conscious creation of personal ideas.
2005 - 2014 - Writing lyrics, poetry.
2005 - 2010 - Street Art.
2015 - now - Lectures on Art from Modernism.
2016 - Psychology of Color.
2016 - 2017- Academic Art in Art School.
I started getting into neuroscience at the age of 11 and found the best place to realize myself in art, because it touches our sensual and emotional part.

Later I became interested in how color affects the human psyche. How the choice of different shapes is emotionally perceived. I started to create things that I felt would reflect the psyche at different emotional and sensory moments and abstract art was perfect for that, because color is an important part of it.

After a while I became interested in showing the world around me through abstract art, because all we see in the first years of life are only colors and shapes and only growing up we are explained their meanings and names.

Now I keep evolving my ideas and my knowledge of art. Because it has no finish line.

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